A collection of social distancing tools designed for the backstage area of the Parade Theatre Festival 2020. The proposed tools encourage people to connect with each other in a safe and approachable way. The tools are based on the objects that the Parade staff and performers take with them to the festival to make their backstage living area welcoming. This series of objects designed for the Parade hopes to bring a sense of familiarity and playfulness to enforcing social distancing and safety in the backstage area. Whilst the quick-fix measures, such as caution tape, floor markings, signage and sectioned off areas of venues,put in place at the start of the pandemic have been crucial to preventing the spread of the virus, their visual language is hostile and fail to create a sense of security within communities. The tools designed for Parade’s backstage hope to bring people together by safely embedding the guildines of distancing and sanitary measures into the objects themselves.

The final four proposed tools are the following;

1. Social Distancing Table
Why would people sit apart without being told to do so or through taped off seats? Plates and napkins are secured to the table, leaving space for two people to sit apart-together. The secured prop items encourage users not to sit in the seats where they are set, as if someobody is sitting there already.
2. Covid Tools Washing Line Strung between the caravans and tents of the usual Parade backstage area are washing lines full of staff clothes and towels. The Covid Washing Line is a communal line carrying equipment including; gloves, hand sanitizer and disposable facemasks. These lines places around the backstage areas blend into the surroundings, can be easily accessed and encourage a safe sharing of virus prevention tools. The premis is simple; take whatever you require from the line and if you already have spare with you, peg them on the line for others to take!
3. Social Distancing Lights
Strings of lights are programmed with bulbs 2 metres apart from eachother to blink in different colours to indicate to staff and visitors to physically distance themselves from others by standing or siting only under the blinking lights.
4. Social Distancing Rug A rug where the design pattern is built around social distancing. The four circles placed 2 metres away from eachother guide the users where to sit safely with the larger surrounding circles and lines subtly reminding users to be consious of the space they take up. The rug can be rolled up and transported around the backstage area for safe sitting anywhere.