Gone Fishing

Delving into the diminishing world of specialist crafts facing extinction in the UK, and how it parallels the shifting attitudes towards fishing. The once-necessity- based practice of fishing has transformed into a popular sport with “catch-and-release” as the norm. Both the disappearing craftsmanship and sport fishing culture are outcomes of changing cultural and environmental trends over time. As fishing has shifted from necessity to sport, there is now an overwhelming range of fishing equipment available, making it difficult to distinguish what is meant for catching fish and what ironically just attracts the fishermen. Gone Fishing is a series of fishing gear using techniques from four endangered crafts; Maille making, Wooden Fishnet making, Fabric Pleating and Glass Eye making. By packaging endangered crafts into fishing tools, the project brings attention to the fading craftsmanship while simultaneously creating desirable objects that evoke human-centric ideas of necessity, novelty, and longing in the context of modern fishing culture.

Exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2023 - DAE Graduation Show 
Hanging pieces on hooks with video installation 

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